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Because my friends are awesome, I'm going to PAX this year. It's a convention focused on gaming in Seattle on Labor Day weekend. There are a ton of awesome people that attend the event, and so much to do that the weekend is going to be a blur. I'm going to take the time to work out the things I know I want to do, from past experience it's a mistake to over-plan the weekend, the plan'll get thrown out the door the first day.

Wednesday 9/2/09

  • Flight is at 3:12 pm, try to get to the airport at least around 2pm
    • It was a free flight. There are two layovers. 5:10 - 7:30 in San Francisco, and 9:06 to 9:31 in Portland. I figure I'll grab a snack and chill for a while in SFO
  • Booked a night at a cheap Hostle in Seattle's ID, I'm thinking I'll ride the light rail in from Tacoma, I should land at 10:20, I verified trains run until after midnight.


  • Free breakfast at the Hostle
  • Ride the light rail to Westlake, walk to the Sheraton and drop by bags off.
  • 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Take the monorail to the EMP and Sci-Fi Museum
  • Try to do the Museum of History and Industry after
  • 5:00pm - 8:00 pm pre-pax Dinner
  • Take light rail back to the ID so I can meet my friends that are on the train that should arrive at 8:45pm
  • Hang out for a bit at the Sheraton then sleep


  • 7am: Walk to 7th and Pine to meet people, walk to Pike Place Market with them for breakfast
  • 10am: Con opens at 10am.
    • Keynote and PA panel 1 at 1pm (probably need to be in line early for this one)
    • @pixelpoetgg's panel at 3PM
  • 5pm until I stumble back to the hotel: Dinner meetup at Cafe Metropolitan at 1701 E Olive Way.


Figure this day out as it happens. I want this day to be mostly about my kick ass friends. At some point try to hit up the classic console room and see if the same crew is trying to beat Kickle's Cubicle this year.


  • 10am: Meet people for Dim Sum at Honey Court in the ID
  • 2:30 Wil Wheaton's Awesome hour
  • 5pm Omegathon
  • 8pm Hopefully the Post PAX dinner


Flight leaves at 4:32 pm, so have a chill morning then light rail it to Tacoma.

Whew, solid weekend, but I don't think it's too much.


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