What I got out of Ignite Phoenix

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Ignite Phoenix 5 was a huge success. It’s an event with a simple premise: put together a presentation with a five minute slide show with 20 slides, and be passionate about what you’re talking about. The organizers did a good job of finding people who fit those criterion this time, there were no obvious work related pitches. Events like this make me proud to call Phoenix my new home.

I think the presentation that resonated with me the most was Yuri Artibise’s "Urban Space: the old skool interactive platform." He said that something new, place 2.0, has facilitated the return of something old, the third place.

Modern cities are designed for transportation, not people. As a result people are living more isolated lives. But sites like Twitter, Brightkite, and Facebook are changing how we interact with cities. The place I can walk in to where everybody knows my name is online, but it is also connected with real places, where real interaction happens. We don’t go to the neighborhood bar because we don’t live in the same neighborhood. But we go to Friday Night, we meet up for ice cream, we forge great friendships getting together to watch our favorite shows, we even get together for the holidays. It has changed how I live my life over the last few years, and I like it.

Visit http://www.ignite-phoenix.org/ for more info. They will soon post Yuri’s presentation, and the other great presentations I didn’t talk about here, which include rapping, puppets, transformers, and some ideas to think about.

(image by Tyson Crosbie)


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